Policy Statement Den Breejen Shipyard


At Den Breejen Shipyard, constructing ships runs through our DNA. As a family business we are proud of our tradition that we have developed since 1947. Through years of experience and embracing innovative developments, Den Breejen Shipyard has become an internationally operating shipyard specialized in river cruise vessels and ferries. Den Breejen Shipyard is strongly focused on customer satisfaction. Whether this concerns building a new ship or the services like ship repairs or refits, we consequently strive to deliver high-quality products and services. We design, develop and construct complete ´custom built´ projects within the expected delivery time.



With this quality driven strategy we acknowledge our responsibilities concerning health, safety and environment. We show conformity to relevant laws, regulations, market standards and requirements and hold all the required permits. Our ships are equipped with sustainable equipment and systems. We invest in safe and sustainable machinery and tools. Our workers and subcontractors are qualified and have distinct responsibilities. In order to better identify risks for people or the environment they are stimulated to continuously look for opportunities to improve on environmental, safety and quality topics in processes and to report them to management.



Our working area and the activities that are executed in this area involve risks. Anyone who accesses the area holds the responsibility to familiarize himself with the appropriate code of conduct. Our policy is focused on the prevention of safety incidents and promotes a constant improvement of labor and environment circumstances.

We expect carefulness of our employees, subcontractors, customers, visitors and other stakeholders. For the protection of people, environment and materials, we provide all the appropriate personal protective equipment. Furthermore, trainings and toolboxes are organized to guarantee the right knowledge on a continual basis.



The improvement of the quality and the services is a continuous process to enable the prosperity and the existence of the organization. This policy statement is continuously evaluated on its effectiveness and if necessary updated. By paying attention to the importance of all stakeholders we are aiming to achieve this in a committed and effective manner.


Customer needs and expectations

In our business, the needs and expectations of our customers come first. The formulation of these needs and expectations was realized through the analysis of customer contacts. They are reflected in a product and/or service package which is supplied by our company.

Within the management system, it is described how our organization ensures that we continue to meet these needs and expectations. Each year, the experiences regarding customer needs - and needs of other stakeholders - will be updated in a consultation prior to the assessment of the management system.


Management system

This management system contains the description of our processes, where the ISO9001:2008 and the VCA 2008 5.1 are taken as the starting point.

In describing the organization and making the processes transparent, it is also reviewed whether there are sufficient resources (training, equipment, infrastructure) available. When deemed insufficient, certain controls in the system will be adjusted. Moreover, with the periodic reviews a judgment will be made whether the management system is sufficient and effective or whether it needs improvements. A list of action points shall provide an effective tool for managing the improvements.


The board shall be held responsible for the proper observance of the system and compliance with the laws and regulations. The SHEQ coordinator is responsible for maintaining the management system. As a member of management, he is assured that all employees understand the goals of the management system and that they are able to execute the necessary requirements.


All employees are instructed to comply with what is required by the management system. The board will, according to a fixed schedule, judge the development and operation of the management system.



Every year, during the assessment of the management system, annual targets are formulated and evaluated in terms of quality, safety and the environment, with the attached performance indicator. The annual goals are part of the policy statement and are subject to changes over the course of the year.





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