Delivering good quality has brought our family enterprise – founded in 1947 – where it is now:

an internationally operating shipyard with a specialization in building river cruise ships and ferries. Next to that we offer an extensive repair- and refit service. Quality combined with customer satisfaction is one of our core values and we constantly strive to optimize this.


Since 2016, the quality policy of Den Breejen Shipyard is certified by DNG GL according to ISO 9001.


Safety & Health


Safety is important to everyone who is working at the Den Breejen Shipyard properties. One should be able to rely on a safe working environment. We strive to keep accidents, damages and incidents to an absolute minimum. To guarantee this goal, safety is a continuous point of interest within our company.


The most important safety & health guidelines are stated in the safety instructions.




Since 2011, the safety & health policy of Den Breejen Shipyard is certified by DNG GL according to VCA*.




Den Breejen Shipyard takes its responsibility for the impact of production activities on the environment. It is important that we comply with environmental laws. Environmentally hazardous substances are stored and used according to the PGS 15 guidelines. Gas tanks meet all legal requirements.


Waste is collected separately. A large part of this is suited for recycling. To decrease energy usage, we conducted an energy efficiency research. Recently, among other things, we replaced the lighting in the new building location with energy saving lighting.


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