QHSE instructions for customers repair yard

Quality, health & safety, environment

Customers who visit our company for repairs often use this period to carry out work on their ship themselves. In addition to the aforementioned issues concerning quality, health & safety conditions and the environment, we want to be a good neighbor for our environment. To achieve this, we ask you to take a number of things into account.

  • Bridge document¹: contains rules to protect your ship / neighboring ships and to prevent nuisance in the port and in the immediate vicinity.
  • Asbest policy¹: exposure to asbestos is undesirable. To prevent this, we ask you to indicate via this question tree whether the work falls under option 1 or 2.
  • VNSI conditions: general terms and conditions of delivery issued by the Vereniging Nederlandse Scheepsbouw Industrie that apply to Den Breejen Shipyard.
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Gas-free certificate

Gas-free certificate; a tanker must be gas-free before arrival (the certificate must be posted at the gangway).
¹ document on request via arno@breejen-shipyard.nl


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